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East Moriches, NY (July 30, 2018) During the fourth annual Oyster Fling put on by the Moriches Bay Project (MBP) late last month, Solutions Management Inc. (SMI) made a big splash to raise money for waterway restoration through the planting of oyster beds. 

This year’s Oyster Fling event was attended by over 300 guests who came out to support the event which aims to bring awareness to the community about water quality and the shared environmental responsibility by all who live, work and play by the bay.

As part of the effort, SMI sponsored the building of an oyster bed with a $5,000 donation which will help plant 50,000 oysters in Moriches Bay. Each adult oyster filters up to 50 gallons of water a day, and thanks to SMI nearly 2.5 million gallons of water will be filtered every day.

“It’s just a drop in the bucket,” says Laura Fabrizio, co-founder of the Moriches Bay Project. “But if everyone gave a drop in the bucket we can eventually get to the point where we could filter every gallon of Moriches Bay every 3-4 days.”

Fabrizio co-founded the Moriches Bay Project with Aram Terchunian. Together they collect donations and reach out to the community through science workshops and events to improve water quality and restore waterways. Last year alone, over 600,000 oysters were planted by the MBP in Moriches Bay, which stretches from the town of Brookhaven to Southampton.

“We are very proud of our community and thankful for organizations like SMI who are critical to our existence,” says Fabrizio.

For SMI, environmental initiatives are at the heart of the company. Earlier this year, SMI teamed up with Relic, a clothing design company that helps plant oysters in estuaries around the nation with the proceeds from their sales. MBP is one of the groups who receive support from the partnership.

SMI’s CFO Robyn Butler said, “We love working locally with MBP.  We get to experience the process, see the successes and enjoy the results of a cleaner bay and a happier community”.

About the Moriches Bay Project
The Moriches Bay Project is a small grass roots not for profit 501(c)(3) project established to improve the quality of the water in Moriches Bay and turn it back to its natural state of health. This is done through oyster farming and eel grass planting. The organization is dedicated to bringing awareness to the local community and educate children. To learn more about the Moriches Bay Project, please visit

About SMI
SMI has created a unique trade niche within the retail and restaurant industry. As a leading Managed Maintenance Company, SMI provides quality, reliable maintenance services 24/7 on a national scale, as well as around the clock Disaster Recovery Services (DRS). The professional Service Partner & Associates Network SPANs across the nation and into Canada, encompassing a wide range of core maintenance trade capabilities.


Moriches Bay Project Oyster Fling Event Tent Fourth Annual Oyster Fling’

Moriches Bay Project Oyster Fling Event Table Patricia Kaloski, Cathy Schneider, Robyn Butler

SMI CFO Robyn Butler at the Moriches Bay Project Oyster Fling Event Robyn Butler, CFO of SMI

Moriches Bay Project Team at the Oyster Fling Event Aram Terchunian, Co-Founder of the MBP | Jim Hulm, Director of MBP | Laura Fabrizio – Co-Founder of MBP | Dwight Surgan, Senior Scientist