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Welcome to SPAN, SMI’s Leading Service Partners Network
Bringing Together the Best in the Business

For over 30 years, SMI has worked tirelessly to build our Service Partners & Associates Network (SPAN) into the industry’s top collection of professional service partners nationwide across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Our steadfast commitment to SPAN starts with our clients. In order for our clients to provide the best for their customers, they need top crews delivering exceptional services to each facility. From facilities maintenance and emergency response services to professional management and more, SPAN is the backbone of our service and the cornerstone of SMI’s success.
SMI Facilities Management Partners
A Process that Builds Partnerships
SMI has developed and refined a proprietary vetting process for all our SPAN crews. The ultimate goal is two-fold:

Our SPAN crews understand that your brand means everything. They share our vision of ethics, professionalism and integrity. They reflect SMI’s commitment to becoming a trusted partner invested in your success.

Helping Our Service Partners Succeed
Our SPAN partners are so much more than crews. They’re an integral part of the SMI family, and we’re 100% dedicated to working together for our collective success. From helping our service partners expand their territories to delivering quick payment turnarounds, SMI is proud to help our SPAN partners build and grow their businesses.
SMI and Partners
Continuous Oversight and Improvement
Once working at your facility, SMI continues to monitor and optimize our service partners to ensure they are performing at the highest level. Through our strict internal grading system, we track and rate performance to make sure quality continues to exceed client expectations.
Service Partner Rating System
SMI Facilities Management Partners
Thirty Years Old and Still Growing
Check out SMI’s SPAN coverage in the US and Canada, broken down by number of service partners in each state/province.
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