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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
CSR is in Our DNA

Making lives better is what we do at SMI. Whether it’s easing the stress of a Facilities Manager, contributing to the growth of a SPAN crew or doing our part to make the world better for humanity, we’re committed to being a socially responsible corporation and causing a real, tangible, lasting impact beyond our bottom line.

Helping Clean Our Country’s Waterways
SMI is proud to be a long-time supporter of clean waterway projects across the country. For our latest initiatives, we’re partnering with two important non-profits working to clean our bays and estuaries.
Disaster Restoration Services, Facilities Maintenance Management | SMI
Disaster Recovery, Restoration, Facilities Maintenance Management | SMI

SMI is partnering with local startup Relic to keep our natural waterways clean by using oysters. One oyster can filter up to 10 gallons of water every day. Relic will be planting up to 5 oysters for each t-shirt they sell in one of three locations:

Moriches Bay Project
Moriches Bay Project

We’re also helping Relic clean up Long Island beaches. Through a partnership with the Village of Westhampton Beach, Relic has introduced two beach clean-up stations located at Rogers and Lashley Beach. With SMI’s support, Relic is rolling out 10 more beach clean-up stations. Four stations will be on the North Shore in Riverhead, and the remaining six will be placed along Dune Road beaches.

To learn more about this important partnership with Relic, visit
Disaster Recovery, Restoration, Facilities Maintenance Management | SMI
Moriches Bay Project
SMI also supports a second initiative through local non-profit Moriches Bay Project (MBP). With SMI’s donations, MBP will plant 50,000 oysters in Moriches Bay– that’s 2.5 million gallons of filtered water daily! To date, MBP has planted over 600,000 oysters in Moriches Bay and educated countless school children on the importance of clean waterways, while engaging them in oyster bed building activities. Learn more about the important work they do at
Moriches Bay Oyster Farm
SMI Community Impact
Bringing Clean Water to the World
SMI supports Charity Water
SMI has been a proud supporter of charity: water since 2014, helping this global non-profit organization complete over 64,000 water projects around the world, providing 12.6 million people in 29 countries access to clean water.
Focusing on providing rural communities with their first access to clean water, charity: water is on a mission to end the world’s water crisis. Among the many initiatives funded by SMI is a project that brought clean water to a N.B.K United High, in Bangladesh.
To learn how to join SMI and charity: water in solving the world’s clean water crisis, visit

“SMI has always had a philosophy of partnering; recognizing that our industry relies heavily on water, we want to extend that partnership to communities that have been severely impacted by droughts, pollution and population demands for clean water. We want to minimize our eco-footprint by contributing to the research and implementation of getting water to people in need.”

Robyn Butler, SMI Co-founder & CFO

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—  SMI Proudly Supports a Broad Range of Philanthropic Organizations  —
SMI Proudly Supports a Broad Range of Philanthropic Organizations
SMI Supports Starlight Children's Foundation
SMI Supports Special Olympics
SMI Supports the American Cancer Society
UNICEF Community Impact