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Beyond Our Clients.
Beyond Our Crews.


Putting SMI’s 360° Partnership Model into Action

Beyond Our Clients.
Beyond Our Crews.


Putting SMI’s 360° Partnership Model into Action

Helping Our Clients Succeed

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For FMs, the multi-site facilities management business can be a thankless one. Keep things running smoothly and … crickets. Mother Nature throws a hurricane, flood or pandemic your way? You’re the first one corporate looks to for an immediate and effective response.

At SMI, we make it our mission to keep our clients prepared for what’s next with cost-effective solutions for today, tomorrow, and during the next literal or figurative storm. Our 360° Partnership provides clients with 24/7/365 access to our staff of experienced, knowledgeable pros. Whatever your day (or night) may bring, SMI is there, delivering the best disaster recovery, facility maintenance or facilities management services when and where you need it. We don’t just say it, we guarantee it.

The result? Confidence and peace of mind 365 days a year, and hopefully a few accolades along the way.
Helping Our Service Partners Thrive

The key to every disaster recovery, facility maintenance and management solution SMI delivers is simple: our vast network of service providers. SMI’s Service Partner & Associates Network (SPAN) is the best in the business, bar none. Our SPAN crews are the boots on the ground who, along with our expert staff on call 24/7, drive our business and instill confidence in our clients. That’s why we’re 100% dedicated to taking care of our service partners, so our service partners will take care of you.

Helping Our Planet Be a Better Place

At SMI, we’re not just focused on helping our clients succeed. We’re committed to making the world a better place. From sponsoring clean ocean water initiatives across the country to helping bring clean drinking water to high school kids in Bangladesh, SMI has always operated under the philosophy that people, passion and partnerships can make a world of difference.

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Meet the SMI Leadership Team
We’re proud of the extraordinary team steering SMI and our clients through these uncertain times and beyond.
Scott Crennan, Chief Executive Officer, SMI
Scott Crennan, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Crennan, Co-Founder of Solutions Management, Inc. (SMI), has dedicated his career to the retail and corporate maintenance industry. With over 25 years of experience, Scott has worked to forge long-lasting and meaningful relationships with various well-respected vendors, clients and trade providers in the industry.

Scott graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Business Administration. His experience includes launching a west-coast division for Cleanway (recently acquired by Cintas), owning and operating several leading franchises under the Cleanway umbrella and serving as executive management in sales and marketing has given him the insight and belief that providing cost-effective, quality-oriented and reliable services and billing is not only attainable but necessary for long-term partnerships and growth.

Since SMI’s launch in 2004, Scott leads the company with continued growth by prioritizing client retention, vertical partnering with top-tier vendors and developing a strong infrastructure of professional staff and a customized in-house system. Aware of the industry wide rush towards systems-based servicing, Scott continues to value and prioritize personal contact supplemented by technology used as a tool rather than a replacement.


Robyn Butler, Chief Executive Officer, SMI

Robyn Butler, Chief Financial Officer

Robyn is an SMI Co-Founder with over 30 years of experience in the retail, airline, hospitality, and entertainment sectors working in Finance, Audit, Accounting and IT roles. Her diverse experience brings strategic expertise to people and systems resources, risk management, financial oversight and, most importantly, on-going dynamic ideation. Always passionate about philanthropic endeavors, Robyn leads SMI’s path towards clean water initiatives and nurturing the success of our 360 degree partnerships.

Michael DiTaranto - Disaster Recovery, Facilities Management Company Near You | About SMI
Michael DiTaranto, Chief Operating Officer, Disaster Recovery Services
Michael brings over 20 years of experience implementing best practices in operations. A surge in fire, flood and mold remediation requests has created an opportunity to put Michael’s skills in operations management and client relations to work, ensuring superior client service and risk management control.
Erin Francis - Disaster Recovery, Facilities Management Company Near You | About SMI

Erin Francis, VP Client Services and Business Development

Erin has over 16 years of experience developing and growing both sides of facilities maintenance: client satisfaction and contractor loyalty. She serves as the ideal liaison to perfectly align new and existing client needs with ideal financial, human and resources scheduling. Erin is also the creator and driving force behind Zoe Blueprint, an innovative app that’s making volunteerism simple, seamless and more rewarding.

Holly Lane - Disaster Recovery, Facilities Management Company Near You | About SMI
Holly Lane, Director of Operations

With over 16 years of experience in the facilities management services industry, Holly flawlessly oversees employing SMI’s resources to meet our expanding trade and sector needs. Through cultivating exceptional client and contractor partnerships, along with being KPI and SLA motivated, Holly has driven a successful growth and retention rate within SMI.

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