SMI started over a decade ago performing interior maintenance for high-end brands in large specialty retail environments. We have grown as our clients have grown, successfully transitioning from self-performing to contracting with SMI to improve results and reduce costs.


Providing interior and exterior services, janitorial care as well as disaster relief contingency plans for retail stores across the nation.


Restaurant with slean wood floors, large spotless windows, ambient mood lighting and clean interiors

Grocery Stores

Restaurant isles with shelves of stocked food and freezers at the end of the isles

Corporate HQ

Telecommunications office with clean cubicles scattered throughout

Educational Institutions

Long empty school hallway, immaculate shiny orange floors and spotless clean windows


Banking facility with bank line dividers and teller boxes in the distance

Urgent Care

Clean hospital hallway, brightly lit and sanitized

Funeral Homes

Empty funeral home with rows of chairs on either side of isles facing the memorial area

Pet Hospitals

Pet hospitals exam rooms, surgical rooms, traditional waiting areas.

Convenience Stores

SMI Handles Maintenance, Recovery and Management for many Convenience Stores Nationwide 24/7