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Let SMI Solve Your Complex Facilities Management Challenges
A Trusted Partner to Your Facilities Management Team

At SMI, we pride ourselves on being the facilities management company FMs can trust. As a true partner to your organization, the SMI Facilities Management Services team is dedicated to clearly understanding all of your complex facilities maintenance requirements and delivering the right services to meet company goals.

Facilities Management Services Made Simple | SMI 24/7 Nationwide
Managing Your Budget by Driving Efficiencies

Our clients rely on our development and implementation of policies and SOPs that provide necessary safeguards, quality and accountability. SMI’s Facility Management services provide expertise and analytics to assign resources in a prioritized and budget conscious way. Proprietary software provides in-depth analytics at scheduled and demand frequencies to get you the information you need when you need it.

Facilities Management Services Made Simple | SMI 24/7 Nationwide

SMI’s team of facilities management experts assist clients with:

Preparing Budgets
SMI Facilities Management team of experienced business professionals are experts at facility budget preparation, helping make sure your facilities have an ideal balance of daily maintenance and preventative maintenance.
Contract Negotiation
Whether it’s negotiating an insurance claim or navigating an RFP, SMI’s Facility Management experts will make sure all of your objectives are matched with the appropriate tactics before signing that final contract.
Creating Plans
The SMI Facility Management team works with facility managers to lay out a strategic plan that corresponds to the outlined budget. We help develop a timeline of execution to ensure a cost-effective strategy with minimal disruptions to operations.
Project Management
SMI manages some of the largest brands in the world. Leveraging our nationwide Service Partners & Associates Network (SPAN), we’re able to deliver a high level of customer service and reliability with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.
Preventative Maintenance
SMI combines talent and technology with our leading nationwide network of service partners to identify and resolve maintenance issues before they become costly problems. Our Facilities Management team manages your facility maintenance costs, predicts and prevents equipment failures, improves labor productivity, reduces costly downtime, and lowers the total cost of overall maintenance.
Vendor Relations
Vendor relationships can have a huge impact on your net income and profit. By leveraging our top-tier Service Partners & Associates Network (SPAN), the SMI Facilities Management team can ensure that all vendors are vetted and 100% aligned with the goals of your facility and your company.
Managing Service Partners

At SMI, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and the ability to choose and manage a network of truly talented trade people. We hold our management and services partners accountable and expect perfection, offering a real-time rewards process on a daily basis, 24/7.

Cost-Saving Initiatives
From our eco-friendly water conservation expertise to our streamlined project management process, SMI can work with your facilities and rationalize cost savings on a quarterly basis with all your maintenance needs. We are 100% accountable, allowing you to spend more time doing what you do best.
Facilities Management Services Made Simple | SMI 24/7 Nationwide
Experience Sets the SMI Facilities Management Team Apart
While the core of our business is in facilities maintenance and disaster recovery, what truly sets SMI apart is our facilities management capabilities. The SMI Facilities Management team has hard core business experience in retail, commercial and many other unique vertical markets. We know the unique challenges multi-site facility organizations face, and we know how to solve them.
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