SMI Disaster Recovery & Maintenance

SMI Disaster Recovery ServicesTM helps you be at your best when things are at their worst.
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Disaster Recovery Services
Discover how we help our clients expect the unexpected.
Disaster Restoration Services, Facilities Maintenance Management | SMI
Facility Maintenance Services
See how our experience becomes your exceptionalism.
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Ferguson Enterprises trusts SMI Facilities Management
Blue Bottle Coffee trusts SMI Facilities Management
Meijer trusts SMI Facilities Management
Big Lots trusts SMI Facilities Management
Tory Burch trusts SMI Facilities Management
Urban Outfitters trusts SMI Facilities Management
Commercial COVID-19 Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfectant Services | SMI
Comprehensive COVID-19 Cleaning Services
SMI helps clients safely and effectively navigate the COVID-19 crisis with tiered cleaning plans designed to address both immediate and long-term needs.
—  how we do it  —
Unparalleled Service Starts with Expert Planning
Whether it’s our real-time disaster recovery services or our multi-site facility maintenance solutions that lower stress and improve the bottom line, SMI knows success begins with preparation.
Disaster Recovery, Restoration, Facilities Maintenance Management | SMI
Disaster Restoration Services, Facilities Maintenance Management | SMI
Building a Better World
At SMI, we’re passionately committed to leveraging our facilities maintenance and disaster recovery expertise to create parallel solutions for the philanthropic world.
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