Interior Maintenance Service Management | SMI 247


SMI prides itself in understanding a complex maintenance industry and establishing ourselves as the team that is Perfecting the Balance of Maintenance. SMI is in the business of executing daily maintenance and handling emergencies services 24/7 for thousands of locations. What sets us apart from our competitors is our management capabilities. Our senior management assists clients with strategic planning, budgeting, objectives/tactics, policies, practices, and procedures. The SMI team has hard core business experience in retail, commercial and many other unique vertical markets.

SMI leads the development and implementation of policies and SOP’s that provide clear standards and drive accountability in the cleanliness of all locations. We work with clients to manage the facility maintenance capital and expense budgets presenting updates on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. With our help, we can manage and develop schedules for preventative maintenance and ensure that facilities are inspected regularly to identify current and potential maintenance needs.

Preparing Budgets

SMI’s experienced business professionals assist with facility budget preparation to make sure your establishments have a good balance of daily maintenance & preventative maintenance.

Contract Negotiation

Whether it’s negotiating an insurance claim or navigating through an RFP, SMI’s experienced professionals make sure all of your objectives are matched with the appropriate tactics before signing that final contract.

Creating Plans

SMI works with facility managers to lay out a strategic plan which corresponds to the outlined budget. We help develop a timeline of execution to ensure a cost-effective strategy with minimal disruptions to operations.

Project Management

SMI manages some of the largest brands in the world and our experience with our Service Partners & Associates Network (SPAN) provides a high level of customer service and reliability with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Preventative Maintenance

SMI matches talent with technology with our nationwide network of service vendors to resolve maintenance issues. We manage your facility maintenance costs, prevent and predict equipment failures, improve labor productivity, reduce costly downtime, and lower the total cost of overall maintenance.

Vendor Relations

Vendor relationships can have a large impact on your profit and net income. At SMI, we go beyond what other vendors do and become an extension of your management. SMI has solid relationships with all our service partners and associates across the country and we routinely visit them and review how we can perform better, for you.

Managing Service Partners

At SMI, we pride ourselves with outstanding customer service and the ability to choose and manage a network of truly talented trade people. We hold our management and services partners accountable and expect perfection and we offer a rewarding process with real-time accomplishments on a daily basis, 24/7.

Cost-Saving Initiatives

From our eco-friendly passions with water conservation to our streamlined project management process, SMI can work with your facilities and rationalize cost savings on a quarterly basis with all your maintenance needs. This allows you to spend more time doing what you do best; all while we are 100 percent accountable.


  • “It’s been an incredible journey of 10 years working with SMI. It is a real pleasure to work with the staff members as they are professional, talented and very friendly…truly the best!”

    – Service Partner
  • “Thanks again for your quick payment and I appreciate your professionalism. Your company is definitely the exception rather the rule for property Management. Looking forward to working with you again!”

    – Service Partner