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The Problem:
An SMI retail customer had a history of water leaks in one of their stores and consistent complaints by employees of a strong odor. SMU was called to clean and deodorize the carpets and quickly assessed that mold inspection and testing was needed. We had one of our certified industrial hygienists on site within 24 hours to inspect, conduct moisture readings, and collect air and surface samples ultimately resulting in the detection of toxic mold.

The SMI Solution:

  • Based on the results of the air and surface samples collected it was determined that elevated levels of toxic mold spores were present when compared to the outside environment.
  • Water had been coming through the outside of the storefront building around the window frames. There was a secondary leak that had come through the roof which had been previously repaired but caused damage to ceiling tiles and ultimately affected the carpet.
  • SMI’s mold remediation services included the removal and replacement of drywall at the front wall near the store’s entrance; removal and replacement of all window sills, wooden moldings and affected ceiling tiles; application of sporicide to kill any mold growth in affected areas; caulking and sealing of all window and door frames to prevent further water intrusions; deodorizing and disinfecting carpets; taping, sparkling, and painting newly installed drywall; and conducting HVAC purification to ensure that there were no remnant spores trapped in the vents and ducts to provide a healthy flow of air throughout the store.

The SMI Balance:

SMI Client Service Professionals and our highly trained and certified mold remediation technicians responded quickly to identify and eliminate established and potentially new mold growth at the store. SMI handled every aspect of the remediation including the coordination between our customers (both corporate and at the store level), building management, security personnel and our Service Partners. Our team worked around the clock to get this store operational as quickly as possible and provided a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees.