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SMI’s Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) company was created to handle larger scale emergencies and disasters that are more complex and require immediate action by professionals trained and certified to handle multiple issues. On call are highly experienced disaster recovery specialists with response capabilities that enable us to react quickly to any type of disaster in any location, any time, 24/7. We will be there for you every step of the way to keep your store open and operating smoothly throughout the restoration process. As always, customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and our staff is available 24/7! We understand the need to get up and running as soon as possible to minimize income loss, especially for those who may not have business interruption insurance. Our SPAN (Service Partner & Associates Network) team is trained and equipped to handle a wide range of emergency services. Please see our case studies for more details about our Disaster Recovery Services work.

In the event of a fire in your store or neighboring location, SMI can help you balance the load and quickly restore and repair your location.

Our quick response teams launch into action as soon as it’s feasible, and perform a complete revitalization to ensure all fire-damaged materials are removed, and  smoke-damaged  materials are properly cleaned.

We provide a full range of structural cleaning including soot removal from your floors, and ceilings as well as smoke-odor neutralizing with thermal fogging capabilities.

Our restoration professionals can carefully restore your salvageable merchandise through the use of ozone treatment technology & provide pack-out services for non-salvageable materials.

Our reconstruction team will get your store rebuilt and back in business quickly by replacing damaged drywall, ceiling tiles, carpet, etc.

Working with SMI, you can count on a proven team to handle your emergencies from disaster to a quick store or office re-opening.

Mold and mildew can present health risks to your employees and customers. Once suspected and identified, mold infestation requires immediate attention by trained & qualified mold remediation professionals.

If mold removal is not handled properly, there is a serious risk of cross contaminating non-affected areas of the store and creating a greater threat to employees, customers and your bottom line.

This may result in the recurrence of more widespread microbial growth, the related health risks, liability and expenses , not to mention stains (no pun!) on your brand’s reputation.

SMI’s DRS team of trained & licensed inspectors perform state of the art air quality & surface testing, moisture evaluation & atmospheric analysis to determine the appropriate action needed to restore a healthy environment for your customers and employees

You can’t stop Mother Nature, but you can be ready to respond quickly when natural disasters occur. For years, SMI has been helping clients in emergency situations by moving at rapid pace to restore and repair areas damaged by rain, wind, fire, broken equipment/plumbing and even disasters affecting your stores from neighboring retailers.

Our team is well versed in insurance systems and protocols (including Xactimate, business interruption compliance), has an extensive and experienced team of recovery specialists across the country to deploy at a moment’s notice, and the management expertise to accurately identify the problem, the solution and the resources. We have a history of putting stores and offices back in play and achieving minimum costs, downtime and management disruption.

Examples of our costing approach is use of restoration and structural drying over removing and replacing store walls, doors, etc., assisting with boarding up stores and sandbagging to avoid flooding where possible, knowing the extent of equipment, cleaning solutions and technicians needed to mitigate odds of mold occurring and subsequent health hazards.


  • SMI always keeps us up to date and stays in touch. It’s little things like this that separates SMI from every other outsourcing company. SMI provides most of the labor so that our relationship can be successful and a win-win for both sides. They’ve always done a stellar job!  

    Service Partner
  • “We were in constant distress trying to source reliable vendors until finding SMI. As a result, our maintenance programs have been easily streamlined and there is never an issue that goes unresolved. Over the last 4 years of doing business with SMI, they have proven to us time and time again their efficiency and reliability. Thanks SMI!”

    –  Facility Manager
  • “Thank you for the update and follow through. It is very reassuring that all we needed to do was make one phone call and you took action to resolve the problem.”

    – Facility Director
  • “I get a better response from SMI on these urgent, short windows of time requests!”

    – Retail Facilities Director
  • “For what it’s worth we work with many companies and SMI is a leader in this industry mainly due to its staff.”

    –  Service Partner
  • “Whether you have five Store Locations or 1500 plus retail chain stores, the SMI & DRS commitment to provide quality support to the retail platform is one of the best in our industry. We would highly recommend their company to provide day-to-day cleanings, as well as managing a catastrophic emergency such as Water, Fire, and Mold…”

    – Service Partner
  • “Virginia Window Washing has enjoyed receiving eChecks (and sending them) since you started the program. We have found when we use a certain printer (we use 2 printers) we are able to make a mobile deposit of the eCheck you send us from our office. We have found this system convenient and most useful. Talk about being fast, we do not even wait in lines at the banks! We thank you for using eCheck with us.”

    – Service Partner
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    – Service Partner
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    – Service Partner
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    – Service Partner
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    – Service Partner
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    – Property Management Director
  • “We’ve been working with SMI since 2004. They handle bi-monthly window cleaning and semi-annual floor cleaning for us across our chain of 400+ stores. With that much volume, there are bound to be the occasional hiccups. SMI has always handled everything quickly and effectively for us…from correcting issues, to getting extra non-scheduled services completed for events, to implementing large-scale programs. The customer service is unmatched, and the communication is excellent. Not only do they keep me updated, but they call stores and keep them updated as well as work with the stores one-on-one with scheduling.”

    – Facility Manager