FOH Floor Care Maintenance

On Site Problem:

A National Fast Casual restaurant customer with SMI needed to protect their concrete floors and streamline ongoing maintenance. The process needed to be completed without closing the store.

The DRS Solution:

Upon consultation with the SMI team, the best solution was a concrete resurface with a polyaspartic chip coating, as opposed to a polyurethane substance which would have closed the entire store for 1-2 days. The SMI process was completed overnight with zero disruptions in service.

The night of the application, the SMI crew followed these steps to ensure flawless coating:

  • Diamond Grind Existing Surface using 30 grit diamonds
  • Thoroughly vacuumed to ensure all dust and debris was removed from floor
  • Applied pigmented base coat and broadcast chips
  • Scraped chips and thoroughly vacuumed entire area
  • Applied 1-2 coats of Pure Clear Sealant (with a dry time of 2 hours between coats)

The SMI Balance:

The SMI team responded quickly and efficiently to repair the damage. Services are confirmed by signed work orders and quality control calls to provide our customers with 100% guaranteed satisfaction in addition to 24/7 accessibility.