SMI Disaster Recovery & Maintenance

flood emergency and water extraction services
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The Problem:
The Cumberland River overflowed flooding the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN and consequently causing an SMI retail customer’s store to close. Water as high as 9 feet, contaminated with gasoline and sewage, flowed inside the mall presenting a major health hazard.

The SMI Solution:

  • SMI coordinated with mall management and security personnel to gain access to the mall, which was closed due to the flood. 
  • SMI established a fully equipped command center for customer use, as well as coordination with crews and corporate staff.
  • SMI coordinated a crew of 50+ technicians to complete pack-out services for the entire contents of the store, as well as demolition of flooring, display fixtures and affected drywall 4-feet up from the floor. 
  • SMI provided storage pods to handle the decontamination and ozone treatment of the inventory not affected by the floodwater to salvage inventory and minimize losses. The customer used these storage pods to assess and evaluate the level of loss. 
  • SMI arranged the shipment of store inventory back to their corporate headquarters. 

The SMI Balance:

SMI was on standby and ready to respond to the emergency with a fully equipped team of professional service representatives and restoration technicians. Our team handled all aspects of the remediation quickly and effectively, saving our client time and money.