Natural Disaster Recovery Services

The Problem:

An SMI retail customer sustained heavy flood damage as a result of Hurricane Ike in 2008.  All of the flooring inside the store was saturated, along with the drywall in the front of the store.

The SMI Solution:

  • SMI was called to restore this location to pre-loss conditions quickly while salvaging as much of the structure as possible.
  • SMI was able to salvage the carpet by extracting, disinfecting, thoroughly drying and restoratively cleaning the carpet quickly and effectively.
  • SMI removed and replaced the damaged laminate wood flooring including sub-floor preparation and trim.
  • SMI handled the removal and replacement of the drywall and insulation including the taping, spackling and painting. In addition, SMI caulked & sealed the doorways and all window frames to prevent future water intrusions in these areas.

The SMI Balance:

Once again, SMI Client Service Professionals coordinated all aspects of this emergency disaster recovery to provide our customer with efficient and comprehensive service. SMI completed the repair within 24 hours and allowed the store to open with minimal loss of operation.

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